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Heritage trees tell the stories of Atlantic Canada, Ontario  and Canda. The intent of OathToEarth. Heritage Trees is to connect others to significant trees in our country.  All trees presented in this website are determined by their age, size, location, historical, ecological or cultural significance and its role in preserving a healthy earth for future generations.

Heritage trees play a role in carbon capture, , reducing the earths temperature, they improve our health, reduce pollution, preserve and reduce erosion, reduce energy use, and increase economic name a few.

Over 50 years, a broadleaf tree may generate thousands of dollars worth of oxygen, control air pollution, recycle water, or control soil erosion. And there's more.

The more we understand trees the better off we all are. 

If you know of a tree, or forest, that is significant, let us know and we will add it to the library of locations that will serve to inspire others.

Click to contact us with tree submission idea.

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